Course Level Taken : Online Training
Testimonial Rating : 5.00

Yes! We train in comfort year round. Our modern, bright training halls are fully climate-controlled for a cool experience in the summer and warmth in the winter. Our rubberized flooring provides a great, non-slip training surface and all of our training halls are equipped with stereo systems so you can easily hear all of the instructions. Check out our virtual tour for a better look at our facility.

That’s great! Most dogs love the excitement, challenge and speed of agility training. The thing that will make it a great experience for both the handler and dog is a solid foundation of obedience training. Dogs have to be able to listen off-leash in a very exciting environment in order to participate. It’s no fun for the handler if their dog is running after other dogs rather than playing with them. Because of the inherent risk of injury to dogs not listening in agility classes, we must insist that dogs and their handlers complete obedience classes with us before they will be allowed to enjoy agility. Once you have control of your dog off-leash, agility will be all about fun for you and your dog!

For class, you will need a 6-foot leash and a regular flat collar (we recommend a metal buckle). You’ll also need some training treats and a bait pouch or accessible pocket to put them in. For your convenience we have a small store at our site where we carry these products. Over the years, we’ve settled on equipment that we like and that very effectively suits the purposes and needs of our training programs. We’d be happy to help in recommending products to you.

Our family dog classes are for dogs who are friendly with people and other dogs. If you are experiencing aggression, fear or undesirable reactivity from your dog, either toward people or other dogs, we recommend you contact your Veterinarian for a Behavioural Referral in your area.

If kids are part of your family, we want to help you teach mutual respect between them and your canine addition. This means teaching the dog to have good manners around both adults and kids. We encourage the entire family to attend classes, however for safety reasons, all handlers must be a minimum of 16 years of age. We know through experience that often kids aren’t able to take charge of the dog and this leads to even less respectful behaviour from the dog going forward. We recommend that an adult take the time to teach the dog all of the necessary skills before any children in the family start to ask the same of the dog.

We follow a core vaccination schedule. Dogs attending classes must be up-to-date on all core vaccines including Parvovirus, Distemper and Rabies. Up-to-date is dependent on the age of the dog. We require the following:

  • Dogs 10 - 12 weeks of age must have one vaccination including Parvovirus and Distemper
  • Dogs 12 - 16 weeks of age must have a second vaccination including the above
  • Dogs 16 weeks and older must have the two previous vaccinations plus we look for Rabies vaccination between 4 - 6 months of age

Good news! Puppies can start classes once they are 10 weeks of age! Puppies 10 - 15 weeks of age (on the first day of classes) can start in our Puppy Head Start program. Puppies 4 - 7 months of age can start in Grade 1.

Dogs 4 - 7 months of age can start in our Grade 1 program. If your dog is older than 7 months, please contact our office directly to discuss options.

Yes - we offer private lessons for individuals who require a personalized training program. All private lessons are conducted at our facility in Flamborough. We can also see you virtually using Zoom. We do not go into people’s homes.

In person classes start every month! Online classes start instantly upon purchase.

This depends on the availability of instructors. We have a ratio of one instructor for every 4 dogs in class. The bigger the class, the more instructors there are to help out.

Normally, yes! However during COVID, we can only accomodate students who are registered in class.

We have a money back offer. Sign up for classes risk free. If you are not happy for any reason, call us within the 48 hours FOLLOWING your first lesson for a full refund.

Normally - YES! During Covid, we are limiting attendees to 2 people per dog (1 handler and 1 spectator)

Grade 1 is 14 hours of instruction spread out over 9 weeks.

All classes in the family dog program (Puppy Head Start, Grade 1, 2 & 3) include a full comprehensive training manual that compliments the in-class lessons.