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There are a lot of 'buzz' phrases that float around in dog training communities. They typically originate from a big picture approach, but are quickly highjacked by the community to become quick quips of supposed wisdom that get dropped on BIG problems, but with a very narrow focus. 

Today, let's talk about the growl and the buzz-phrase, "Don't Punish the Growl".

First, let me preface this by saying that only looking at one tiny point in any system of management or behaviour modification is a MASSIVE problem. There are no quick fixes in dog training and the problem with our commonly spouted buzz-phrases is that they don't offer a window into the big picture. 

Don't punish the growl - does not give us enough info to go on to help any dog with any problem. Unless your dog is growling at their own farts or something similarly silly that would light up the TV on a funniest videos show, these 4 words do NOTHING to help the average person address a behavioural concern. 

Worse than that, with our society that likes to engage in the quickest fix solution, people often think it starts and ends at these buzz-phrases.