For the safety of all, students must do obedience classes with McCanns and have their instructors recommendation for Rally to participate. Priority for Rally classes is always given to current students.

What is Rally?

Rally, often referred to as Rally Obedience and sometimes Rally-O is a fun and relatively new sport in the world of dogdom. One might refer to it as a hybrid sport. If traditional Obedience and Agility had a child, that child might look something like Rally!

A Rally course consists of a collection of signs. Each sign is a station that gives direction about the skills that need to be performed. The Canadian Kennel Club has 95 possible signs that are spread out over 4 levels: Novice, Advanced, Excellent and Masters. The different levels include tasks that the dog has to perform. Dogs must complete all stations successfully in order to receive a qualifying score.

Skills include things like turns to the right or left, halts with a sit at your side, weaving through a set of cones, or you may have to have your dog sit as you walk around them in a circle before heading off to the next station. Higher levels of Rally also include jumping skills.

Come out and try this fast and fun sport with your dog!

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January 2019 Classes

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Rally 2 Monday 5:45 - 6:45 pm January 14th  
Rally 1 Monday 7:00 - 8:00 pm January 14th