Course Level Taken : Online Training
Testimonial Rating : 5.00

"Wellington has grown up so much during Grade 2. He is much better on walks and at home. Our partnership has improved and we're a great team! Jane is an excellent instructor. She not only models what she is teaching, but explains it in a clear and consice manner. She tells you when you're doing a good job in the moment, which is very appreciated. Deryl & Patty were fantastic. They were always there to suport and help you when needed. They were welcoming and kind and they offered great advice to help further my training." - Stephanie & Wellington

"Her greeting manners have improved exponentially and her ability to walk while dragging the leash has greatly improved." - Keith & Spero

"We have gained a great deal of knowledge & Tesla has learned to respond. Excellent job! All instructors are highly skilled & knowledgeable!" - Emily & Tesla

"This experience has been amazing for me and for Daisy - It is so enjoyable having a well behaved dog. Thank you!" - Lindsay & Daisy

"Great job! All of the help and feedback was greatly appreciated!" - Bettina & Juba

"Jane is very professional & extremely helpful. She provided me and Jax with great assistance to improve." - Valerie & Jax

"I am more concise & consistent with my commands & expectations. Message being delivered to the dog is clear - less frustrating for all. Steve was concise and engaging. His demeanor & camlness works well to convey the messages. Instructors were forward thinking with tips to help tweak especially when we're doing well was greatly appreciated. We have recommended McCann's for over 15 years!" - Pennie & Cassie