Course Level Taken : Grade 1
Testimonial Rating : 5.00

"Fenway really improved after every lesson. Didn’t think 1&1/2 hours would make a difference, but boy was I wrong. Glad we did it. Thanks to all who helped out." - Nick & Fenway

"My dog has become more enjoyable with what we have learned" - Eddie & Brody

“I have researched (attended/tried) 2 other facilities and could not switch away from McCann’s. The value of training with the McCann Method is too high for me to go elsewhere. Your facility is constantly striving to improve, instructors are excellent - so clear and concise. After training my previous dog through Grade 3 & Agility, it has been so easy to train my current dog. Cannot say enough great things about McCann!” - Nora & Gracie

"Instructors make class easy to understand and fun with great demonstrations. Great feedback & encouragement from all." - Christine & Piper

"He now listens to us! All exercises were explained so it was easy to understand and follow. Everyone was patient and helpful in their instructions. Great Instructors! Great Program!" - Tom & Murphy

"Very clear in direction. The lessons flow well. Very supportive & offered good comments. I tell everyone to come here!" - Lori & Cooper

"Our dog's behaviour has improved ten-fold since starting here. Best training I've been to." - Matt & Ma'am

"Awesome demos! I'm in love with your dogs. Great feedback and time spent with dogs. Training is GREAT!" - Amanda & Molly

"Great! Very informative and helpful with specific questions/issues related to individual dogs." - Jenn & Buddy

"Excellent attention to detail and 1-on-1 questions." - Samantha & Leo

"Clear and concise. Always there to help." - Kelly & Tux

"Great instruction!" - Kerry & Sailor

"Lincoln has way better manners at home!" - Martha & Lincoln

"Nice & clear - demos are great and lots of instructos to provide feedback." - Saray & Arnie

"Instructors are excellent at addressing specific issues." - Carolle & Oakley