Course Level Taken : Grade 1
Testimonial Rating : 5.00

"I attended another school with Lady M, but she has improved 100% since McCanns. <Instructions> were easy to follow, clean and worked." - Julianna & Lady M

"Walking on leash has improved immensly. We think Grade 1 has been great for Lennon & find McCann's is a wonderful experience we have learned so much." - Melissa, Joe & Lennon

"Great instructors, very patient training me. Good verbal instruction and physical instruction along with written instructions!" - Susan & Polly

"Clear Instructions. Happy that they were both demonstrated and repeated. Love that there are so many (instructors) - means lots of help and attention when needed. Expertise in the room are very valuable." - Cathy & Kimber

"Fantastic place and staff. Understanding, clear and friendly. Grateful to have been recommended to McCanns." - Christina & Deezel

"The instructors are FABULOUS! Very knowledgable and very, very helpful! Thank you!" - Colleen & Ollie

"My dog has become more enjoyable with what we have learned" - Eddie & Brody

"Before, he didn't even know his name, now he comes every time when called!" - Ethan & Jax 

"He never responded when called before, especially in the backyard. Now he always does! All of the instructors have been amazing, patient and very helpful. Meg's instructions are always clear. She is also engaging and patient." - Jenn & Crosby

"I am so impressed with the quality of training & support provided by McCanns. The in-class instruction is worth every penny and the extra resources (YouTube, etc.) gives me the confidence needed to do well by my dog. I absolutely recommend McCanns and look forward to continuing my training with Penny here." - Katie & Penny

"I have seen a great improvement and get many compliments on how well behaved Deke is." - Kim & Deke 

"Amazing (instructors are) always very clear, focused and understanding. Lots of personal attention and explanation about why each (skill) is important." -  LeeAnn & Lexi 

"Gimli is much more calm and responsive with better control of emotions. You guys are really wonderful. It's heart warming how much care and compassion you put into your craft. You have a practical method of communicating years of experience. (Instructors are) very observant and encouraging. Helpful pointers and great at correcting our mistakes." - Steve, Tristan & Ollie

"I’ve been to training places elsewhere that are much closer, but I will always come here from now on because the caliber of training is so much higher." - Meagan & Hippo