Ticks and other Parasites

Spring and Fall are the seasons for all 4-legged creatures to enjoy wet and wonderful... and to come under attack! While the temperatures are still climbing above zero, our dogs are susceptible


Make no mistake about it! Dogs are not who this blog post is about. Dogs are easy: If we give them good information, they will rise to the occasion.


Do you feel like you have to bribe your dog with treats to get them to listen? Do you feel like food has failed you in training them? We couldn't agree more that having to have a handful of cookies to get your dog to listen is NOT the path to a well-trained dog.


We hear this misconception often: my dog is showing aggression, so I need to bring him to class so he can socialize. Will putting an aggressive dog in general obedience class help? Well maybe, but likely, no.


We've talked before about how to teach dogs to greet politely and not jump on guests or strangers. There are many ways to approach this and most can work very well.


There are many obvious things you'll want to do with your new puppy when you bring them home. Working on things like crate training, house training and handling spring to mind as some of the jumping off points. In addition, there are some key rules most trainers use with puppies to ensure they have a great start in life.



Housetraining can be a daunting task if you don’t go about it right. With proper supervision and timely responses, any owner can have a fully housetrained puppy in no time.


One of the first commands I teach a new puppy is "OUT". It comes in very handy considering I like sporting breeds who are very tactile and love to pick up anything and everything, but it is quite typical of most puppies to want to explore the world with their mouths. Hence the need to teach the "out" command early on.


Training your dog is really only partially about conveying information to the dog. The rest of the equation is about other factors that interfere with your training. There are many and even when you're expecting them, sometimes they take you by surprise. The good news is, there is always a solution if you are determined enough. Let's talk about a few problems and some potential solutions.


One of the most important skills you will ever teach your dog is to come to you reliably on command. It could literally save their life one day. Having a dog who comes reliably gives them freedom to enjoy life and gives you the freedom to enjoy them.