There was a time that Ticks seemed like mythical creatures in our corner of the world. We didn't have to worry about them because most of us had never seen one. Unfortunately, this is a far cry from our new reality.


Love it or hate it, dogs get dirty. Some dogs have coats that are meant to be easier to manage when they encounter wet or dirty conditions. My Tollers can be filthy after a hike, but give them an hour to dry off and the dirt easily brushes out (this is not necessarily the case once a dog has been spayed or neutered as the coat changes.) They might get 2 baths a year as it's just not necessary to bath them more often. Regular grooming is enough.


Okay, full disclosure: This may be a trick question! How many times should you say "sit" or "come" or "leave it"? Essentially, how many times should you repeat a command?


Easter weekend means fun egg hunts and chocolate abounds. Which may present a lethal danger for your dog.

It's often presented as a myth: Is chocolate really toxic for dogs? We all know a dog who eats chocolate and is just fine, so sometimes people don't believe the facts - chocolate is toxic, but there are variables. 


Rally: What is it? Who can play? How do you get involved? So many questions answered right here!


So you've had it! That bad habit your dog has of (fill in the blank) has finally gotten you to your breaking point. The problem is that the behaviour is a habit and as we know, habits can be hard to break. So how do you eradicate the bad habit? How do you create a new, better habit? 


We are in a privileged position to hear and see a lot of different dogs and a lot of different owners. It helps us continue to learn and grow as dog trainers and really reinforces the idea that no two teams are alike. If we want to help that person and that dog, we need to be able to adapt to their differences. We've become experts at knowing when to pick our battles. Knowing when something is a big enough influencer on that dog's behaviour that we need to persevere is important. It's equally as important to not push the envelope when we know something is not a big enough game changer.


There's no doubt about it. Border Collies are amazing dogs in more ways than one. Smart, athletic, loyal and outrageously responsive, they win friends wherever they go, however they are not the dog for everyone. The people who own them will likely be the first to tell you that!


When we make the suggestion to muzzle train a dog, we're often met with the face that says, "you must be joking - why on earth would I ever need a muzzle? My dog is nice!" Sometimes, it's a tough argument to make. That sweet, wiggly Lab puppy would NEVER need to be muzzled, right? Not necessarily. Here's why.


Is your dog polite out in public? Do they ignore other dogs and people who maybe aren't interested in interacting? If you took them to a school yard, would they chase the kids or be a model canine citizen?