Training mode is a hoax! Want to know why? 


Dogs are amazing creatures. They make us laugh, keep our livestock safe (and organized), play with us, lift us up and keep us humble. 


So you've decided to add a new puppy or dog to your household. What should you do to make sure the transition is easy for your existing dogs?


We all know our dogs love to think and play. Brain game toys are a wonderful addition to any doggie toy box. Join 10 year McCann Staff member, Ken to learn how to build your dog their own Fidget Spinner!!!! With a doggie twist, of course ;o)


Crating is a regular part of raising a puppy. We highly recommend giving them a comfortable, den-like structure that will help them settle into the home, aid in house training and ensure they are safe when you can't supervise.


Training dogs to accept handling is a crucial component of any training program. Puppies should be taught from an early age that handling is a positive thing. That way, you'll be able to comfortably administer medicine, groom, transport and allow for veterinary examination.


Some dogs will retrieve naturally, while others need some guidance in order to enjoy this game. Here is more than 20 time World Agility Champion, Kayl McCann taking you through the steps she uses to teach her dogs to retrieve.


BOOM! Crackle... BANG!

Fireworks, thunderstorms and other uncontrollable noise in the environement are tricky for some pets. While some of these things can be lots of fun for most humans, they can be a nightmare for the dog.


We had a pretty large event at our facility this weekend. The EO/AWC Tryouts for the Canadian World Agility Team. Competitiors came in from all over Canada for a chance to win a spot on this exciting team.


Let's talk about driver's training for a moment. Imagine if your first experience behind the wheel plunked you on the 401 at rushhour. Since it's your first experience, you don't necessarily know all of the important rules of the road.