Some dogs will retrieve naturally, while others need some guidance in order to enjoy this game. Here is more than 20 time World Agility Champion, Kayl McCann taking you through the steps she uses to teach her dogs to retrieve.


BOOM! Crackle... BANG!

Fireworks, thunderstorms and other uncontrollable noise in the environement are tricky for some pets. While some of these things can be lots of fun for most humans, they can be a nightmare for the dog.


We had a pretty large event at our facility this weekend. The EO/AWC Tryouts for the Canadian World Agility Team. Competitiors came in from all over Canada for a chance to win a spot on this exciting team.


Let's talk about driver's training for a moment. Imagine if your first experience behind the wheel plunked you on the 401 at rushhour. Since it's your first experience, you don't necessarily know all of the important rules of the road.


Dog parks have really become a big deal. They are used daily by hundreds of families with dogs. They romp, run, play and wrestle. Sometimes, they just hang out. It often reminds me of McDonalds Play Place. Throw a bunch of random kids together and they're bound to hit it off, right? As a child, it was my favourite restaurant to eat in.


I'm eagerly counting the days until my newest family member comes home! It's been a while since my last puppy, so I'm constantly going over the things I need to get done for my new boy's arrival. It was Spa-Sunday at my house yesterday, which means all of my dogs get a light grooming and toenail trim.


Right! So I probably got your attention with that title. Do you think it's silly that I would suggest a child was not like a dog? Seems like an obvious statement, doesn't it? What if the title read, "Why Dogs are NOT Kids." Does that ring as strangely?


We have an expression in dog training: "he's under thumb." A dog who is "under thumb," refers a dog who is only well behaved when he has no other option. One who only makes good choices due to the threat of correction.


In most things, there are well meaning people who give bad advice. Dog training is far from exempt. We hear misguided suggestions all of the time. Things like:


I have plans in the works for a new Toller puppy in the Spring and I started thinking about my socialization opportunities and making a list. There are so many things that we should expose young puppies to in a positive manner