Course Level Taken : Online Training
Testimonial Rating : 5.00

At McCann Professional Dog Trainers we truly appreciate your decision to trust us with training for you and your dog. In an effort to show our appreciation we would like to point out some of the perks you may be able to take advantage of while you are training with us. Please see below for more details.

Free Drop-in Training:

Due to COVID concerns, drop in training has been suspended until further notice

While you are a current student at McCann's, you can take advantage of Drop-In Training times. Train in one of our climate-controlled halls, out of the elements! Please check with the office for available times.

Telephone Help:

Our full-time office staff members are all excellent dog trainers as well and are always happy to help you with your training questions or concerns.

Other Advantages

  • Home of World Champion Agility competitor, Kayl McCann.
  • Fully heated and air conditioned for your comfort and the comfort of your pet and family members.
  • Free Wifi
  • Wireless amplification system and acoustic ceiling tiles for ease of hearing instructions in a large space
  • Comfortable, non-slip flooring for safe training.
  • Spectator area for family members to sit in on lessons and learn with you.
  • We offer a full complement of programs, from family pet classes to agility sport training. If you are looking for lots of fun things to do with your dog, look no further!
  • World-class 12,000 sq. ft. agility building with top-quality Sportsfield turf.
  • Situated in a country setting with 7 manicured acres available to walk your dog.
  • Plenty of free parking.
  • Question and answer sessions after every class.
  • World-renowned trainers with decades of experience